Aji Door Stop

Saikai USA


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Polished ‰ÛÏaji‰۝ door stopper with rope handle.

Aji stone, a type of granite, originally shipped out on rafts from Aji Port, Japan is an igneous rock formed in the late Cretaceous period when 800-degree magmaåÊhardened and crystallized as it cooled beneath the earth for tens of thousands of years.

Aji stone is one of the three major granites traditionally used in Japan and has some excellentåÊcharacteristics. For example, it does not expand or contract easily in heat or cold, and it does not easilyåÊabsorb water, which makes it very durable. Aji stone also has a very fine crystal texture that is easilyåÊworkable. Consequently, it is perfect for sculpture and detailed work.

The stone was the first tool man has ever used. It has always been around as part of our natural world.

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