Cousu De Fil Blanc: Indigo Collection Soap - Seaweed


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Cousu De Fil Blanc creates collections of pure vegetable soaps that are beautifully presented in hand-stitched paper packages. Created by aromatherapist, textile designer and atypical formulatrice, Carole Dichampt, all Cousu De Fil Blanc soaps are hand made in France, produced in workshops by artisan soap makers that respect traditional savoir-faire.

With 100% vegetable bases, the finest quality raw materials including organic vegetable oils, clays, organic mountain-made honey, essential oils and seaweed are added to the soaps.

Exfoliating bamboo soap—with bambou powder, hemp poil and green clay, an exfoliating soap that gently removes impurities from the skin. Ideal for greasy skin.

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