Old Houses Made New


  • Old Houses Made New
  • Old Houses Made New
  • Old Houses Made New
  • Old Houses Made New

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Countless photographs and architectural drawings illustrate the renovation process of more than 30 buildings - from design to execution

Informative texts and images provide ideas for building measures that can increase the value of your own home

House and apartment owners, designers, architects and builders will love the creative ideas and educational information in this book

All homes in this book, whether apartments or family homes, have been refurbished to meet the needs of a modern lifestyles.

Housing is usually renovated to breathe new life into existing building structures that have become impractical or unusable over time. The challenge is to adapt existing buildings to today's standards without destroying the elements that we may want to continue to use or that we particularly like. The fact that most old houses are highly fragmented corresponds to the human habits of their time and the construction methods available at that time. Today we prefer to live in open floor plans and airy rooms. New construction techniques allow us to remove walls and create free space. The renovation and modernization of our living spaces can be very different - from the replacement of obsolete fittings and equipment, the tearing and rebuilding of walls, to complete additions. Despite the sometimes considerable expense, renovations can bring about amazing transformations. They increase comfort and increase utility, not to mention the added value that such an investment generally entails. This inspiring volume features a variety of renovation projects, from complete gutting at the beginning of a project to less extensive work and cosmetic corrections, a simple re-paint or retrofit fittings. Existing residential buildings have proven that they can meet changing needs with adaptability. They thus form the important key to a redesign of our living space.

Macarena Abascal Valdenebro lives and works in Barcelona and has worked for booq Publishing on various architecture and interior design volumes. Most recently, she worked as a writer for the titles Tiny Homes and Small Home Gardens , which were published in several languages

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